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Manufacturing Process
Raw material: Material testreport and quality certificate will be supplied.

Forging: To make sure no cinderinclusion, blowhole, cracks and other flaws.

Supply Normalizingreport & quenching and tempering report.
Turning operations:
1) Rough
According to the roughing process drawings, roughing processing.
2) Coarse car aging
Bearing parts roughing completed the three-point bearing, flat(not allowed to be stacked), the aging treatment (time not less than 48 hours)to eliminate the roughing process to produce the internal stress, to preventthe work piece to heat is a big deformation.
3) Forming fine cars
Bearing parts the last forming a fine car, is stepping up toprevent the deformation of parts, should be part fixed clamping device torelease the parts in a non-stress state, re-find.
4) Cross, three-row roller slewing bearing inner ring specialprocess
to prevent cross, three-row roller slewing bearing inner ring heattreatment after deformation. Turning operations must be paired processing, heattreatment after the cut molding.

Heat treatment: Quenching, tempering andexamination of hardness about raceway.SupplyHeat-treatment report and hardness test report.

Gearhobbing: Internal and external gear wheel bearings, grinding rollermilling process, strict accordance with technical requirements of processing,accuracy class to meet process requirements.

Drilling: The crossed andtesting of the drawing process to ensure the size is correct after the drillingprocess; sub-body coat turntable bearing mounting holes should be thecombination of processing, and soft with a white 180 degrees Celsius, the pitcherror not greater than Thousandths of 5

Finished turning & Grinding: To make sure alldimensions can be qualified the technical standard.

Assembly & Inspection: Supplycertificate of qualification and test report.

Cleaning and packing & Transportation.