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Roller bearing iron rust and corrosion
Roller bearing iron rust and corrosion
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings

Iron roller single-row crossed roller slewing bearing is thick yarn spinning mill must textile equipment. It apron, dubbed the cradle assembly, with the formation of a nip roller under aprons of sliver holding role to play, is one of drawing elements. In transmission it is a passive member. Yarn quality can play a direct role in it is good or bad. But it is different from the processing quality leather roll. Because the production of leather roller maintenance has completed between rollers. And it is only responsible for the mesothelial roller maintenance, manufacturing quality depends entirely on the spinning Factory. As long as we strengthen the general acceptance of the purchase, the quality is not a problem. For the quality of its maintenance are: regular cleaning, refueling, radial, axial erase check swing beat Dayton inspection work requirements. While the iron roller surface rust and the adhesive felt intractable problems of the plant, not less often neglect to do. Hand rust because it was too much trouble, even harder to prevent rusting. Here's how to fix this problem I plant to make a brief introduction.

Rusty reason
To roll rusty iron or chemicals in contact with water, air and other material conditions in order to generate. And when it is the mesothelial rolls and rotating parts and maintenance professionals often encounter large changes in temperature and humidity. Because I plant roller between production and special parts no air conditioning, even with air conditioning also ease the normal control. Come together with iron roll cleaning, because the cleaning solution is acidic, (because the new ring is rubber plant factory after acid treatment, and mesothelial roller rings are generally new and processed without the use of the car directly so the new delineation of acidic.) Once the humidity encountered, causing large quantities of rusty iron rollers, iron rollers shortened life expectancy over time, but also affect the quality of yarn.

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