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Introduction and current situation of marine cranes
Introduction and current situation of marine cranes
2014-10-15 by seoerccy
Marine cranes are executed in the marine environment in a special crane transport operations, mainly for the transfer of cargo between ship transport, maritime supply wind power bearing, delivery and recovery of important tasks, such as underwater equipment. Special application to offshore marine crane control environment is a big challenge. On the one hand, similar to the land-based cranes of various under-actuated devices, the need to control the swing of the load during transport produce to ensure its accuracy and transport efficiency; on the other hand, because of this crane is fixed on the ship and other sports platform, the platform itself Games have a strong impact Full complement cylindrical roller bearing on the load movement, and in many cases, the load lifting and landing point of the movement and the movement of the crane itself is inconsistent. Specifically, in the course of their work, the crane ship and the ship will receive pitching with the waves, roll and heave, these movements will cause the load to occur swing; especially in the lifting process, easily lead to such movement of the ship has been suspended since the load again collided with the deck, or to have been put down but not yet out of the hook load vacant again, these will threaten the safety of operations. Especially during inter ammunition supply ship, the coupled motion can cause very serious consequences.

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