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Uses classification
Uses classification
2014-09-25 by seoerccy
(1), high-speed bearings: a cold, mechanical elasticity is small, anti-stress, poor thermal performance, light weight, low friction coefficient, etc., can be applied at 12,000 rev / min -75 000 rev / min high speed spindle and the other precision equipment;

(2), the bearing temperature: temperature of the material itself has 1200 ℃, and good self-lubricating, temperature is not generated due to the expansion caused by temperature differences between the 100 ℃ -800 ℃. Can be used in furnaces, made of plastic, steel and other high-temperature devices;
(3), corrosion-resistant bearings: the material itself has a corrosion-resistant properties, can be applied in the field of acids, alkalis, inorganic and organic salts, water, etc., such as: plating equipment, electronic equipment, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment, etc. .
(4), magnetic bearings: do not smoke because of non-magnetic dust, can reduce bearing advance peeling, noise and large. Available in demagnetization device. Precision instruments and other fields.
(5), electrical insulation bearings: due to the high resistance force, can avoid arcing damage bearings, available in a variety of requirements for insulation of electrical equipment.
(6), vacuum Bearings: Ceramic materials for unique oil-free self-lubricating properties, in ultra-high vacuum environment, can not be achieved to overcome the plain bearing lubrication problems. Note: The above five categories bearings, bearing the same set can be applied to high-temperature, high-speed, pH, magnetic field, in the non-insulated, but the material properties vary (see performance table of rare earth ceramic material) so please customers choose products, applied according to their own situation, to select the material most suitable ceramic bearings.

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