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wind power bearings Thrust ball
wind power bearings Thrust ball
2014-09-05 by seoerccy
thrust ball bearing is a separate type of bearings, shaft ring, seat ring and cage can, ball component separation. Shaft ring is cooperating with the shaft collar, seat is compatible with the bearing hole ferrule, and there is a gap between the shaft; Thrust ball bearings can only bear axial load, one-way thrust ball bearings can only bear axial loads in one direction, two-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load in both directions; thrust ball bearings can not limit the radial displacement of the shaft, low speed limits, one-way thrust ball bearings can limit a shaft and housing axial displacement direction, two-way bearing can limit the axial displacement in both directions.
Thrust roller bearings for axial load mainly axial, radial joint load, but the radial load should not exceed 55% of the axial load. And other Thrust roller bearings, such bearings lower friction coefficient, high speed, and aligning performance. 29000-type non-stick bearing symmetrical spherical roller, the roller can reduce the relative sliding and raceways at work, and the roller length, large diameter roller quantity, high load capacity, usually oil lubrication, individual low speeds available greased. In the design selection, preference should be given; 80000 Thrust cylindrical roller bearings, 90000 Thrust tapered roller bearings and needle roller thrust bearings AXK can withstand a one-way axial load, than the axial thrust ball bearings much greater load capacity and rigidity, axial occupy a small space. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust needle roller bearings for low speed applications, thrust tapered roller bearing speed slightly higher thrust cylindrical roller bearings.

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