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The key technology of wind power bearing
The key technology of wind power bearing
2014-12-09 by lyhybearings

Design and Analysis: analog design experience is still the main force analysis and study load spectrum almost empty. Technology is one of the difficulties for the spindle wind power bearing require no fault running up more than 13 * 104h, and has more than 95% reliability; gearbox bearings for high load capacity design high failure rate and so on.
Materials: different parts bearing different materials and heat treatment, such as improved yaw and pitch bearing 40CrMo steel at low temperature (ambient temperature -40 ℃ ∽-30 ℃, bearing operating temperature of about -20 ℃) impact energy and other mechanical heat treatment method performance control surface induction hardening of hardened layer depth, surface hardness, soft and surface crack width; gearbox bearing equivalent foreign STF, HTF steel research and control its optimum content of residual austenite research; spindle bearings in the domestic vacuum degassed steel quality, there are still some gaps in the case, the use of ESR ZG20Cr2Ni4A carburizing steel manufacturing.
Anti-corrosion and sealing.
Yaw and pitch flanged ball bearing special clearance requirements.
Yaw and pitch bearing raceways grinding.
Spindle bearings and gearbox bearings precision machining.
Transmission bearing cage to keep improving the design.
Testing and so on.

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