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How scraping plain bearings
How scraping plain bearings
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings
Before scraping, you should carefully check the journal is smooth, whether there is rust, scratches and other defects, if you should try to eliminate; then, check the shaft journal and exposure, inspection methods, the shaft diameter coated with a thin floor display agent (such as red lead powder, red Qian oil), then packed in the journal rolling mill bearing, to reverse the direction of rotation of a couple of hand turn, will remove the shaft, check the bearing on the distribution of colored dots, if coloring point distribution is not normal or does not turn to start scraping.
When scraping, should be based on the situation, take the first re-light, scraping stay light weight, scratch principles big to stay small. The first few times, the hand may be heavier, more scrape some metal to quickly achieve better contact {TodayHot}. When the contact area reaches 50%, it should scuffing. Every once scraped off, wipe the tile surface, and then displayed on the journal repellent check check, and then scraping according exposure until meet the technical requirement. Scraping examination can be used to display agent, but the contact point demanding precision bearings, the final stage of scraping can not be used to display agent. Because, after coating the disclosing agent, a coloring-point bearing on too large, difficult to determine the actual exposure. At this point, you can wipe the journal, bearing directly on the check, and then remove the shaft, the bearing can be seen on the highlights, namely the contact point. Highlights were scraping again until meet the technical requirement.
When scraping, not only to make the contact points meet the technical requirements, but also to make the side clearance and contact angle meet the technical requirements. Usually the first point of contact research, but also to take care of the contact angle, the last Zaigua backlash. However, the contact portion and the non-contact part should not have clear boundaries, wipe the double row ball slewing bearing surface with your fingers, you should feel no trace.
Open sump rely experience, but the main principle is to master:
1, lubricating oil film pressure should be at the minimum input bearing;
2, open the tank in the non-bearing area, otherwise it will reduce the carrying capacity of the oil film;
3, the tank can not be opened axially, in order to avoid a huge loss of oil from the tank ends;
4, horizontal mounting bearing sump opening half weeks, do not extend to the bearing area, the whole week in the tank should be open at the ends near the bearing.
In addition, the hole in the top of the bush entered, the tank into the hole around the center can open the aperture equal to the width of the tank, the shape can be taken to "a" shape, "×" shape, "King" shaped and so on.

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