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reasons rift vertical mill bearing
reasons rift vertical mill bearing
2014-11-04 by seoerccy
As a large crane lifting equipment, the cost of buying a crane is not a small number. To prolong the life of lifting, to make it more durable, we must understand the general situation in the course of the crane body may appear, like cranes fuselage cracks appeared vertical mill bearing, this time in order to achieve the goal long crane use, we should be how to deal with.

Wind affected. Cranes may operate in the open air, the whole sun and rain, coupled with the effect of wind makes the crane in which the process is subject to certain wind barrier. Once the wind is too large, while the operation of the crane while also resist the effects of wind, the loads will increase, exceeding the carrying capacity of machinery,double direction thrust ball bearing and then there will be a strong mechanical shaking moment, once the mechanical overloading of the body, there may be cracks and fissures.
Cracks may be produced when the prospective insufficient because the design, without taking into account also the need for mechanical durable prevention. Crane's body reinforcement of the bridge crane will be able to reduce the extent of the main beam damage.
Bridge crane improper installation can also cause prolonged corrosion and damage. So at the time of installation and when the usual checks should also be taken seriously, not the lack of mechanical maintenance concerns. Because prolonged use under overhead crane, will be subject to different degrees of corrosion, if coupled with a certain impact force, cracks will appear. So check the time to pay attention plus lubricant, reducing friction and delay crane life.

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