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precision bearings configuration issues
precision bearings configuration issues
2014-09-25 by seoerccy
For some high-precision bearings, its configuration requirements are very high, today we have to introduce a configuration problem on precision bearings.

Traditional applications of precision machine tool spindle bearings are, depending on the machine spindle processes have different requirements. In general, the lathe spindle is used at lower speeds and greater cutting metal cutting load. This type of transmission of the driving torque of the spindle usually through the pulley or gear. This means that the spindle drive end load is also quite large.
Such applications do not require high speed of the more important parameter is the stiffness and load-carrying capacity. A very common method is to install a working end of the spindle-row cylindrical roller bearings and a double row angular contact thrust ball bearings, while at the end of the spindle drive uses a double row cylindrical roller bearings. This configuration ensures a long working life and excellent rigidity, to produce high quality parts. Moreover, the bearings can operate stably in terms of kinematics is concerned, because the two types of bearings (radial and axial) were carrying the load applied to the spindle (in fact, in order to prevent angular contact thrust ball bearing bearing diameter to the load, the outer diameter of a special foreign ensure it never tolerances can contact bearing).
In the design of these types of spindles (which is usually applied when the heavy load), a bearing located about the axis of where a rule of thumb the distance between the centers of the front and rear support bearings for the 3-3.5 times the diameter.
In that require higher speeds (ie, high-speed machining centers or internal grinding), you need to find a different bearing solutions. Obviously, the need to make sacrifices in rigidity and load carrying ability in these cases. High-speed applications usually by direct-motor and / or direct drive spindle coupling (the so-called motor spindle).

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