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Deep vertical mill bearing type
Deep vertical mill bearing type
2014-08-19 by seoerccy
Seals or bearings with dust cover

Shuttered: single-sided or double-sided iron dust cover.
With non-contact rubber seals: deep groove ball bearing single-sided or double-sided non-contact seals.
With contact rubber seals: single-sided or double-sided contact seals in contact with the inner ring. The outer ring with snap groove:
N: outer ring with snap groove
NR: outer ring with snap ring groove and stop.
deep groove ball bearings use:
Due to the limited capacity of self-aligning deep groove ball bearings, thus requiring the bearing mount concentricity, concentricity not affect the high speed bearing operation of the balance, increasing the vertical mill bearing stress, thus shortening the working life of the bearing. Deep groove ball bearings can only allow a small deflection angle, it also depends on the load size.

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