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truck mounted crane bearing cleaning
truck mounted crane bearing cleaning
2015-02-04 by seoerccy
bearing cleaning rough cleaning and washing, and metal frame at the bottom of the container to use on.

Rough when washing, use a brush in oil removal of grease or adhesions. If the oil turn the INAbearings, note injury such as a rolling surface due to foreign body . When sperm washing, slowly rotating bearings in oil, be careful.

Cleaning agents are commonly used as the neutral diesel oil or kerosene without water , sometimes using temperature as needed, such as lye. No matter what kind of cleaning agents, are often filtered clean. Proper selection is still bearing failure analysis of factors must be taken into consideration. The main tasks of bearing failure analysis, is based on the analysis of data and failure form of a large number of background material,, find out the main factors causing bearing failure, so targeted for improvement measures, extend the service period of high temperature bearing, to avoid premature failure of truck crane bearing a sudden.

According to the requirement of bearing installation, use, maintenance, maintenance technology, the operation of truck mounted crane bearing load , speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection,when find abnormal,we should immediately check the reason,to adjust, and make its restore normal.

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