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The truck mounted crane bearing instructions for use
The truck mounted crane bearing instructions for use
2015-02-04 by seoerccy
If the bearing use correctly ,it can do untill the fatigue life . But there will be unexpected premature damage situation, where cannot use . This early injury, and fatigue life of a relative, is known as the quality limits of failures or accidents. More due to installation, use, lubrication of inattention, foreign body from external intrusion, for the study of thermal effect of axle housing, insufficient etc.. A high temperature bearing damage state such as,

Card wound roller bearing rings, flanges, may consider as reasons, lack of lubricant, not suitable for defect, foreign body, oil discharge structure of invasion, bearing, shaft mounting deflection error is too large, also for these reasons coincide. Therefore, only the investigation of bearing damage, it is difficult to know the real reason of injury.But, if you know the imported bearings, the conditions of use, the use of mechanical bearing structure surrounding, understand the situation before and after the accident, combined with the bearing damage and several reasons why visits, you can prevent the recurrence of similar accidents.

First of all, when we removed truck mounted crane bearing for inspection, shall be first used methods such as photographic appearance record. In addition, to confirm that the remaining amount of lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then clean temperature bearing.

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