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Leg locking device crane bearing
Leg locking device crane bearing
2014-11-04 by seoerccy
Leg locking device: When unexpected accident, leading to the legs vertical cylinder high-pressure hose or pipeline rupture or cutting, the hydraulic system can be blocked bidirectional hydraulic lock cylinder two legs blockade pressure oil chamber truck mounted crane bearing, so that the legs do not reduced or thrown, thus ensuring the safety of lifting operations.
6. From the weight indicator: Starting weight indicator is set in the basic arm together side (ie, the right side of the control room), the operator triple row roller slewing bearing sitting in the control room can be clearly observed, can accurately indicate the boom elevation and corresponding conditions permitted rated capacity crane.
7. Lifting Characteristics Table: Set in the control room under the front wall, which lists a variety of arm length and rated the magnitude of a variety of work from under the weight and lifting height for inspection during operation. When the lifting operation, must not exceed the values specified in the table.

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