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With ABS sensor wheel hub bearing units
With ABS sensor wheel hub bearing units
2014-10-15 by seoerccy
As more and more cars equipped with ABS, ABS function is also growing. To solve the wheel speed sensor wheel speed to provide a signal to the ABS costs exist, installation and signal quality and other aspects of the development of the integrated ABS pulse generator hub truck mounted crane bearing unit.

wheel bearing units with ABS sensors, including flanges, ring gear rotating body, the seal assembly and hub with ABS sensors on the wheels, ABS sensor ring magnet rotating body suit on, and with the phase complexes; rotating body and a ring gear fixed to the flange was connected. ABS sensor includes a housing, the magnet and the coil, the ring magnet fitted over the rotating member, the rotating member fitted with the ring magnet; coil via a signal ball and roller combined bearing line and a connector. Rotating body and flange ring was spline connection. End face is provided with a flange with bolt holes directly with suspension, brakes and tires connections. Hole in the flange has splines can be used in conjunction with a constant velocity drive shaft. The utility model is beneficial effect: the structure to replace the original car steering knuckle, wheels, bearings portfolio, both the three functions are integrated, but also greatly reduces the size of the original structure, reducing the weight, but also greatly improving the reliability.

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