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Methods to improve cooperation
Methods to improve cooperation
2014-09-25 by seoerccy
In order to improve the accuracy of the actual mating bearing installation, you must not make use of measurement methods and tools bearing deformation of the bearing bore and the outer dimensions of the actual mating surface precision measurement, the measurement can be related to inner and outer diameters all items to be measured, and the right to make a comprehensive analysis of the measured data, as a data, precision worthy of the shaft and the bearing seat hole the size of the installation site. In the actual measurements made with the corresponding dimension of the shaft and housing bore and geometry, the measurement should be carried out when the bearing at the same temperature.

In order to ensure a higher actual match results, and the surface of the shaft and the bearing seat hole match, the roughness should be as small as possible.
In making these measurements, should be in the outer and inner bore of the bearing and the corresponding surface on the shaft and housing bore at both sides of the assembly near the chamfer, respectively, showing the maximum deviation can be made in two directions marked so in the actual assembly, so that the maximum deviation of the two sides match aligned in the same direction, so that after assembly, the two sides of the deviation can be partially offset.
The purpose of making two directional signs, that can compensate for deviations into account, even if the respective ends of the supporting improved rotational accuracy, and make the two ends of the housing bore and between the journal bearing concentricity error partially eliminate . Implement measures to strengthen the surface of the mating surfaces, such as sand blasting, with a diameter slightly larger than the column precision plug the hole once the plug, etc., are beneficial to improve the fitting accuracy.
5 Improve Accuracy
After the bearings installed in the host, such as measuring spindle radial runout, measured values can be found in each of its revolutions have some change; continuous measurements, can be found after a certain number of revolutions, the repetition of this change will be approximately appears. Indicators to measure the extent of this change is cyclic rotation accuracy, approximately repeated changes in the number of revolutions required precision rotation cycle on behalf of "quasi-periodic" values vary within a large amplitude quasi-periodic, cyclic rotation accuracy is poor .
If properly pre-load on the spindle, the speed gradually increased to nearly the speed of work to implement the "run-in" the role of the bearing can improve the accuracy of the spindle rotation cycle.

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