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Clearance check of trailer bearing
Clearance check of trailer bearing
2015-02-06 by seoerccy

Trailer is the main means of tractor transport, in the use of the trailer wheel often do swing ,axle bend, bearing early wear or damage,causing bearing tires and other components in advance damaged.When seriously, fly wheels or broken shaft, endanger personal safety and locomotive.The main reason is the tractor driver did not timely in the control of inspection, adjustment,lubrication ,even overloading.

trailer bearing with two tapered roller bearing , can bear radial force on the wheel shaft and withstand a certain axial force,which has thrust action, usually referred to as the radial force -- Thrust roller bearing.The bearing clearance according to the structure installation position, respectively by the increase or decrease of gasket or the adjustment nut adjustment, and trailer axle adopts the nut adjusting, the gap should be between 0.1-0.3mm.

A new trailer after a period of time to load running, due to wear round shell, shaft, bearing, nut and other parts deformation and movement parts, will increase to the bearing clearance,which must be timely clearance check.

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