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trailer wheel bearing When cope with the situation
trailer wheel bearing When cope with the situation
2014-10-15 by seoerccy
When cope with the situation (6) Check the bearing bore and the journal, with the gap should not exceed 0.1Omm measuring journal, should be in the upper and lower parts of the vertical ground (where the largest wear parts) measurements. If used deck crane bearing with the gap exceeds the limit, replace the trailer bearing, so back to normal with the gap. Burr is not allowed to play, pitting the journal to narrow the gap.
(7) Upon completion of all parts meet the requirements, the inner bearing grease after release hub.
When (8) grease the bearing cavity attention should be squeezed into the bearing grease until grease to date to emerge from the other side of the bearing. In the hub and shaft cranial cavity Apply a thin layer of grease to make it play a role in rust. Note that the hub cavity do not apply too much grease, otherwise it will affect the cooling and braking.
(9) the hub and the outer bearing back onto the journal, hand-axis head adjustment nut, and then use the required shaft torque wrench to tighten the adjustment nut. After tightening the nut, turn the wheel a few times to be around to see the bearing installation; on the other hand, by turning the bearing and seat properly fit. At this time bearing tightness appropriate wheels to rotate freely and not feel the axial clearance.
(10) Finally, in order to install the locking plate, fixing nut, tires, dust cover and decorative cover and other parts.
(11) wheel bearings adjusted, with some mobile crane bearing mileage (about 1Okm), stop and check for swab touch wheel temperature, if fever, is caused by the bearing adjustment too tight, should be re-adjusted appropriately relaxed bearing tightness.

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