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Install accuracy calibration method
Install accuracy calibration method
2014-09-25 by seoerccy
After the angular contact ball bearing into the spindle, install precision calibration sequence is as follows (with shaft diameter of 60 100mm ordinary lathe for example):

(A) measuring the shaft and housing bore size, to determine with precision bearings, with the following requirements:
Take the inner ring and the shaft interference fit, the amount of interference 0 ~ + 4μm (at light load, when precision is 0); take the outer ring and the bearing bore clearance fit, clearance volume 0 ~ + 6μm (but at the free end of the bearing when using angular contact ball bearings, but also increase the gap); shaft and housing bore surface roundness error in 2μm or less, face parallelism bearing spacer used in the 2μm or less, the end face of the shaft shoulder end foreign beating in 2μm or less; retaining shoulder of the housing bore axis beating 4μm below; cover the front end face of the spindle axis beating 4μm or less.
(2) a fixed end bearings mounted on the shaft before
After the bearings were cleaned thoroughly washed with clean kerosene, grease lubrication, the first containing 3% to 5% of the grease into the bearing organic solvents for degreasing and cleaning, and then quantitative grease gun oil filled bearing (accounting bearing space volume of 10% to 15%); heating bearings make heating 20 ~ 30 ℃, oil presses the bearing into the shaft; pressure in the tight sets with suitable pressure shaft and bearing against the end face axially the spring balance tape volumes on the bearing outer ring, pre-load starting torque measuring method stipulated check whether a substantial change (even if the bearing is correct, but due to meet or maintain the deformed frame, pre-load there; positioning changes possible).

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