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2014-09-15 by seoerccy
High-speed precision angular contact ball bearing life of a great relationship with the installation, you should note the following
1 bearing should be installed in the clean, clean room, to carefully matching the bearing, the bearing spacer to be after grinding, while maintaining the inner and outer contour of the spacer premise spacer should be controlled in parallel 1um the following;
2 bearings should be cleaned before installing clean, cleaning the inner slope upward, feel should be flexible, no sense of stagnation, dry, placed in a specified amount of grease, oil mist lubrication should be placed in the case of a small amount of oil mist;
3 trailer bearing installation tool should be used exclusively, even by force, is prohibited beat;
4 trailer bearing store should be clean air, non-corrosive gases, relative humidity less than 65%, long-term storage should be regularly rust.
Maintenance 1, when the bearing to run to a certain period of time (or Paul raised maintenance period), will be bearing all removed;
2, with a clean diesel or kerosene soaked with cleaning bearings, if technical conditions for the best open closures cleaning;

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