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IKO linear plain bearings
IKO linear plain bearings
2014-09-05 by seoerccy
In the rolling bearing, the bearing ring is rolling unit (rolling elements) apart, sliding guidance system, the movable part marine crane bearing of the slide in the static rail or shaft. Depending on the type of the track system, the sliding layer on the movable or rigid good components. Embed lubricants lubricating sliding layer to achieve the purpose.
INA linear plain bearings are unlimited stroke length linear positioning bearings. These miniature linear guidance system may be sliding guidance system, Permaglide Permaglide linear plain bearings and linear plain bearing units and flat-guidance system. Miniature plain guidance system includes a rail / slider system and maintenance-free sliding truck mounted crane bearing layer, Permaglide linear slide bearing unit is a low maintenance requirements of the installation in light metal circle Permaglide bush. Tablet guidance system is very low maintenance requirements sliding layer on the rail guidance system.

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