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Regular maintenance impact on cross-roller bearing life
Regular maintenance impact on cross-roller bearing life
2014-12-09 by lyhybearings

Cross roller bearings for regular equipment maintenance, operation and peripheral parts when change was dismantled bearing suspend examination, followed by discriminant times demand single-row crossed roller slewing bearing parts can be use again and record the use of the good in bad condition .
Second bearing raceway, rolling surface conditions and joint surfaces and wear status of the presence or absence of confrontation frame damage and abnormal condition is to look at the special operation raceway track. determine the feasibility of using cross roller bearings again, to think about the level of bearing damage, mechanical properties, the primary resistance, operating premise, check the cycle again next choice.
Check the effect, if it is found when cross roller bearings damage and abnormal conditions, please identify the notice in accordance with the bearing damage phenomena, develop countermeasures. Also, check the results, if there are several flaws in the following words, the bearing can not be used again, the new bearing demand change.
If the flow of bearings for use in harsh environments, crossed roller bearings seals and sealing cover is essential, because they prevent dirt intrusion, extending bearing life. Mill rolls are usually cross by roller bearings support. Required to withstand the use of strong impact loads, water and debris intrusion.
The negative pressure generated in the bearing can cause water intrusion from the main seal, the seal hole has a great influence on the structure of the negative pressure. Therefore, reducing the cross-roller bearing negative pressure to prevent water from entering the basic requirements. The most effective method is to seal the hole is not in direct contact with the water, while retaining the original functions of sealing the hole - prevent water and dirt from the roll neck side intrusion. Sealing method using surface contact instead of line contact, whether it is running the process, or stationary process, the surface of the contact hole seals have good sealing characteristics. Therefore, the new ultra-clean bearing capacity than conventional sealed sealed three row roller slewing bearing have higher reliability.
Bearing lubrication under harsh conditions, load capacity increased by 34%, and high reliability, long life and easy maintenance. This improved performance is to optimize the mechanical design, the use of new materials and the results of the patent sealing technology. traditional cross roller bearings, which crossed roller bearings basic dynamic load rating only increased by 34%, and 2.7 times longer life.

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