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Wheel Bearing Maintenance
Wheel Bearing Maintenance
2014-10-17 by seoerccy
Before removing wheels, wheel maintenance should do the preparatory work, the car parked and set up axles, in order to ensure the maintenance of security operations.

(1) Remove the hub shaft head decorative cover, dust cover;
(2) Remove the wheel nuts and tires, be careful not to bruise the tire bolt threads. If disc brakes, the brake should be removed, and then used self-aligning roller bearing pliers to remove the lock ring or locking pin.
(3) with a special tool to remove the wheel hub;
(4) scrape stacker-reclaimer bearings, journal and hub cavity of the old grease, cleaning wheel bearings and journal with detergent and wipe dry with a cloth, wipe with a cloth wheels last cavity.
(5) Check the wheel bearings and bearing races, found cracks, fatigue spalling and loose roller bearings and other phenomena, replace bearings. If you find pitting on the bearing race, it should replace the bearings.

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