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Non locating bearing
Non locating bearing
2015-05-07 by seoerccy
Non locating bearing roller bearing used in vibration. Them to press fit mounted to the shaft, eliminating the friction corrosion which may be caused by axial clearance is not tight, self-aligning bearing system can also be formed with good performance and reliability.
Toroidal roller bearings can precision spindle bearings performance structure with smaller and lighter to achieve the same or better, for example in the planetary gear box. They simplify the bearing arrangement on the longitudinal axis of the larger temperature change. The use of this kind of bearing vibration are reduced, for example in the paper machine and fan. It is a long and slightly single row bearings symmetrical roller coronary. Bearing inner and outer ring raceway are concave in shape, around the bearing center symmetric distribution. Thus the best combination of raceway characteristics, load distribution in favor of bearings to reduce friction. stacker-reclaimer bearing with self-directed, regardless of whether the inner ring relative to the outer ring axial displacement and / or misalignment, roller is always in a uniform load taper roller bearings distribution on the roller length position. It's a very strong load capacity, even in has to compensate for angular misalignment or axial displacement. So, bearing layout in the operation is reliable, extended service life.
The performance of roller bearing.

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