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Bearing in grinding
Bearing in grinding
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings
bearing in grinding process, the working surface is carried out by a high-speed rotating grinding wheel, so if you do not follow the operating instructions for operation and adjustment of equipment, there will be all kinds of defects at the time of grinding the stacker-reclaimer bearingsurface, which affects overall quality of the bearing. Bearing in precision grinding, due to rough demanding work traces the surface grinding can often be observed in the surface grinding marks are the following to the naked eye.
Manifestations cross spiral traces
The main reason for this is due to traces of the grinding wheel straight generatrix poor phenomenon is uneven, at the time of grinding, the grinding wheel and the workpiece is only partially in contact, when the workpiece or the grinding wheel is reciprocated several times, the performance will be reproduced in the workpiece cross helix and can be observed visually. Pitch and workpiece table speed of these spirals, the size of workpiece speed, but also with the wheel axis is not parallel to the rail line and the related table.
Mainly due to (a) the formation of helix
1. Dresser bad, not chamfered corners, unused coolant trimmed;
2. Excessive lubricant table guide rail, causing the table to float;
3. The machine precision is not good;
The grinding pressure is too large and the like.
Having reasons (two) spiral formed
1.V shaped rail rigidity is bad, when an offset grinding wheel, but the wheel in contact with the edge of the work surface;
2. noisy wheel dressing table commutation rate instability, accuracy is not high, so that the edge of the wheel a little less dressing;
3. The piece itself is poor rigidity;
Have broken down too peeling grinding sand and iron filings piece attached to the wheel surface plot 4. wheel, for good grinding wheel dressing should wash or scrub clean with cold water;
5. dressing well, and so there are local projections.

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