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Precision bearings rust prevention technology
Precision bearings rust prevention technology
2014-11-26 by lyhybearings
General method of inter-process rust bearings used are the following:
After a. Dipping concentrated sodium nitrite solution cleaning products, immersed in a 15% -20% of sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate solution, then it is stacked up. This approach is short of its rust, generally only keep 14 days, and in the rainy season, due to wet weather, can only keep 2-3 days must be reprocessed, it takes labor and money.
II. Dipped in rust-proof tank ship loader bearing trap immersed in 5% aqueous solution of 0.6% sodium nitrite and sodium carbonate, the rust is still good, but a lot of rust-proof tank and other equipment, take up a lot of space, management is not easy .
III. Oiled same as the finished coated anti-rust oil. This method must be cleaned before the next step, more trouble.
Introduction of new anti-rust process method:
After the manufacturers together with the relevant research, years of practice showed that the inter-process rust multiple improvements to the use of shower spray type rust better. Roller-rust initially try it, semi-finished and finished products daily rinse with sodium nitrite solution, three months after the testing results found no rust, now semi-finished products bearing trap using shower spray type rust effect is also true. Spray shower antirust process is relatively simple, the method is as follows:
A. A process every morning wash with a solution of sodium nitrite, water sucked by the pump from the pool out of rubber pipes pass through to the shower, like shower spray wash as bearing rings. After rinsing solution flows back from the pool back to the ditch, ditch the end of the pool in the upper back, with a fine wire mesh and gauze to make a textile dust and dirt filter into the pool of logistics. Middle shelf libraries should be clean.
Pool was testing every 2 days, be supplemented according to test results, the solution is to replace the tanks month period were different, from April to September every two weeks to completely swap, October - March the following year, the exchange once a month.
II. To purchase semi-finished products in accordance with the number of construction equipment storage, to build a library in the middle ground with a cement floor, in the middle of a walkway can be set to about 1.5m, for the passage of the car tower crane bearing rings. At the end of the channel to put a pool storing aqueous sodium nitrite solution formulation of 5% -10% sodium nitrite plus 0.6% sodium carbonate, and make a return to the ditch on the ground, but after bearing rings stacked on both sides of the floor on, keep 0.6m walkway between each pile bearing rings. Can talk about the middle of the library is designed to 64m2, its aqueous sodium nitrite pool for 1m3.
Conclusion jet shower rust management more convenient, but also saves labor, past the middle of the library with two individual rustproof still not complete, and now with a man also cater to other work, from rust look very much significant. Once in March 2003 and 3620 to 7,002,136 roller over 4000 tablets, using jet shower rust and nearly more than a year to also keep very bright, no rust. Besides the consumption of chemicals is also a great savings over the monthly consumption of roller workshop more than 4000 kg of sodium nitrite, but now only 200 kg, saving nearly half.
Spray shower after antirust law related manufacturers in recent years with the use of the test, prove, a large, multi-volume, long cycle bearing semi-finished products is very suitable.

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