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Check wheel bearings
Check wheel bearings
2014-10-17 by seoerccy
(1) Check the tightness of wheel ship loader bearings, first inspected the car at one end of the wheel hub axle set up, with the support car stool, wood and other appliances to cover the car a good car safely stand.

(2) Rotate the wheel a few laps examined to see whether the smooth rotation, if there is no abnormal noise. If the rotation is not smooth and there is friction sound, indicating that the brake part is not normal; if there is no noise, when the rotation is not smooth and tight loose, indicating that the bearing part is not normal. When the above double row ball slewing bearing irregularities should dismantling the hub. For a small car, check wheel bearings, with both hands up and down the side of the tire, the tire pulled his hands back and forth, repeat several times. If normal, then there should be no Songkuang and arrest feeling; If there are obvious Songkuang swing feel, should be overhauled wheels.
(3) Check the braking areas. Usually when checking wheel bearings, with wheel brake inspection, if there are traces of oil inside of the tire, probably the brake cylinder or brake lines caused by the oil spill, it is timely to identify the reasons, be excluded.

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