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Surface of bearing straight waveform traces
Surface of bearing straight waveform traces
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings
We milled workpiece cut a cross-section perpendicular to the axis and zoom, can see the surrounding approximately sinusoidal. Its center along the axis of rotation without translation, the trajectory is the sine waveform around the cylinder, which is also known as a polygon. Generating direct wave because the mobile wheel relative to the workpiece or the grinding pressure of the grinding wheel on the workpiece by cyclically changing the vibration caused by the exigencies. This vibration may be forced vibration, it may be self-excited vibration, and therefore often more than one straight wave frequency on the workpiece. Specific causes of straight waveform traces are:
1. The wheel spindle gap is too large;
2. Wheel hardness is too high;
3. wheel static balance wheel vertical mill bearing well or blunt;
4. workpiece speed is too high;
5. Lateral Qi knife is too big;
6. The wheel spindle bearing wear, with the gap is too large, resulting runout;
7. wheel clamping mechanism or workbench "crawl" and so on.
Surface reproduction burns
Surface during the grinding process often burns, burns there are several types, one wheel burns along the machine direction, dark black patches; two is in the form lines or intermittent lines like. Surface burns grinding process, summed up in the following reasons:
1. wheel too hard or too fine granularity too dense tissue;
2. Feed excessive cutting fluid supply shortage, poor heat dissipation;
3. workpiece speed is too low, wheel speed too fast;
4. wheel runout is too large, constantly changing due to the grinding depth and burns;
5. dressing or dressing well is not timely;
6. Diamond sharp, dressing well;
7. When the workpiece burns too deep rough grinding, fine grinding allowance is too small, no grinding
8. workpiece clamping force or lack of suction force in the grinding workpiece stall phenomena exist.

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