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Installation and Use bearings
Installation and Use bearings
2014-09-28 by seoerccy
Car wheel bearings are used in pairs over a maximum single row tapered roller or ball bearings. With the development of technology, the car has been widely used car wheel unit. The growing scope and use of hub bearing unit, has now developed to the reali slim bearings third generation: the first generation is composed of a double row angular contact bearings. The second generation of the outer raceway for bearing a fixed flange bearing sleeve may simply be fixed with a nut on the axle. Makes the car maintenance becomes easy. The third generation wheel hub bearing units are using a bearing unit and ABS anti-lock brake system compatible. Wheel hub unit designed to have the inner flange and an outer flange, the flange is bolted to the drive shaft, the outer flange of the bearing mounted together. Worn or damaged wheel bearing or hub units will happen to your vehicle anachronistic and higher cost of failure in traveling the road, or even damage to your safety. Wheel bearings in use and installation Please note the following:

1, in order to ensure maximum safety and reliability, it is recommended that you no matter how long the age of the vehicle should always check the wheel bearings - note bearing for wear early warning signals: including any friction noise when rotating or turning wheel suspension combination when the deceleration is not normal. Rear-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for the vehicle to 38,000 km is to deal with the front wheel hub bearing lubrication. When Full complement cylindrical roller bearing replacing the brake system, check the bearing and replace the seal.
2, If you hear noise emitted wheel bearing parts, first of all, it is important to find the location of the noise occurs. There are many moving parts may produce noise, but also may be some rotation member and the rotating member occurs without contact. If the confirmation is bearing noise, bearing may be damaged and need replacing.
3, because the front wheel bearing failure on both sides led to similar working conditions, so even if only one bearing bad, it is recommended to replace in pairs.

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