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Chamfer is uniform so-called bearing
Chamfer is uniform so-called bearing
2014-09-18 by seoerccy
The so-called bearing chamfer, which is the junction of horizontal surface and vertical surface, counterfeit products bearing production technology due to restrictions in parts of the processing of these corners was unsatisfactory, which we can easily identify.

Bearing Package
Packaging fair share in the manufacturing of packaging and packaging bearing completed and after passing inspection, namely cleaning and anti-rust flanged ball bearingtreatment, then put the package in order to achieve water, moisture, dust, shock, maintaining quality and precision bearings and the purpose of ease of use and sale.
Bearing inner packing by rust period is divided into three categories:
â‘  Short rust on packaging: rust period of 3 to 6 months, for large volume shipments to the same subscriber, then put the bearing used in the short term. By mutual agreement, to facilitate the use of the principle, the use of simple packaging.
â‘¡ general rust on the packaging: rust period of one year for general purpose bearing.
â‘¢ long rust-proof packaging: rust of two years for special and precision bearings.

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