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Slewing ring bearings
Slewing ring bearings
2014-09-05 by seoerccy
Three-row roller slewing bearing combination
Three-row roller slewing ring has three seat down and radial raceways separately from each other, so that each row roller load can be high speed bearing determined exactly, can withstand all kinds of loads, is the carrying capacity of the four products the largest one, axial and radial dimensions are larger firm structure, particularly for applications that require larger diameter heavy machinery, such as bucket wheel excavators, wheeled cranes, ship cranes, ladle turret and large-tonnage truck cranes and other machinery on.

5.2 double row angular contact ball slewing ring bearings
Double row slewing bearing has three seat, ball and isolation block can be directly discharged into the upper and lower raceway, according to the situation by force, arranged up and down two rows of balls of different diameters.
This assembly is very convenient, Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing carrying angle of both the upper and lower circular raceway is 90 °, can withstand large axial forces and tilting moments. When the axial force is greater than 0.1 times the radial force to be specially designed raceway. Double row slewing bearing axial, radial size was relatively large, solid structure, particularly suitable to the requirements of the above average diameter of tower cranes, truck cranes and other handling machinery.

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