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shaft roller bearings
shaft roller bearings
2014-08-23 by seoerccy
For no inner or outer ring shaft roller bearings without, at the time of installation, you can simply roll shaft or housing bore Double Row Ball slewing bearing surface coated with a thin layer of grease and turn the needle close to the site of the installation of grease. Finally, a needle placement when a gap therebetween, the gap size on the circumference of the needle bearing is preferably 0.5mm. Hard not to squeeze the last one loaded into the needle, a needle or less loaded, because the hard squeeze containers, bearing will be stuck not rotate; less loading time, the gap is too large, easily lead to needle bearing operation occurs Wiggler and broken. precision spindle bearings For only drawn cup needle roller bearings, as the outer walls were very thin, do not hand hammer installation, you should use press push. Because the hand hammer, uneven pressure, easy to make needle bearing outer ring produce local deformation.

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