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Wind power shaft bearing lubrication analysis
Wind power shaft bearing lubrication analysis
2014-08-12 by lyhybearings
Wind speed bearings.com/" target="_blank" style="color:#E2570B">gearbox input shaft is generally 10-20 rev min, due to the relatively low speed, which is leading to the input shaft bearing carrier support bearing oil film formation is often more difficult. The role of the film is slewing drives when the bearing operation to separate two metal contact surfaces, avoid direct metal to metal contact occurs. We can introduce a parameter to characterize the effect of lubricating the bearing (is defined as the film thickness and the roughness of the two contacting surfaces and the ratio).
If it is greater than 1, indicating that the thickness of the metal film sufficient to separate the two surfaces, the lubricating effect is good; if is less than 1, then the thickness of the oil film can not completely separate the two metal surfaces, the lubricating effect is not ideal. In case of bad operation of the lubrication. Because wind power gearboxes are generally used ISOVG320 viscosity lubricant circulation, so if you find reali slim bearings is less than 1, we generally can only be improved by reducing the lubricating effect of the roller bearing raceways and roughness.
In addition, the gear box design, the planet carrier bearing support end to try to avoid bearing size is too small, the actual application analysis, we found that even life to meet the conditions, this design will lead to a small bearing line speed is very low, the film more can not be formed.

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