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Bearing Maintenance
Bearing Maintenance
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings

1.heat deformation

bearing parts during heat treatment, there is thermal stress and stress, this stress can be superimposed with each other or partially offset, is complex, because it along with the heating temperature, heating rate, cooling, cooling rate, part shape and changes in the size of the change, so the heat deformation is inevitable. Understanding and mastering its variation can deform slewing ring bearing parts (such as oval rings, size up big, etc.) in a controlled range, were conducive to the production. Of course, mechanical impact during the heat treatment also causes deformation of parts, but this deformation can be improved to reduce and avoid the operation.
2.Surface decarbonization
Bearing parts in the heat treatment process, if it is heated in an oxidizing medium, surface oxidation occurs so that parts of the surface to reduce the carbon content, resulting in surface decarburization. Over the final machining allowance depth of surface decarburization layer will make parts scrapped. Determination of the depth of surface decarburization available in metallurgical metallurgical test method and microhardness method. In the surface layer microhardness distribution curve measurements prevail, do arbitration criterion. {HotTag}
3.soft spots
Due to insufficient heating, cooling deep groove ball bearing parts of the surface hardness of the local poor, improper operation and other causes hardening of the phenomenon known as hardening of soft enough points. It is the same as the surface can cause a serious decline in decarbonization surface wear resistance and fatigue strength.

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