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Cylindrical roller bearings mounted bad quality inspection techniques
Cylindrical roller bearings mounted bad quality inspection techniques
2014-12-09 by lyhybearings

Cylindrical roller angular contact ball bearing reasons include low emerge: no smooth enough or too smooth; smooth inner agent containing publications; overload; bearing protection; low conflict surplus and seal the gap occurred.
When the bearing has been a strange situation that normally would go through the low temperature performance. For low cylindrical roller bearings inside Glazes are harmless, bearing overheating can be smooth and agent performance. If the bearing is beyond 125 degrees Celsius temporary measure to run, it will extend the use of the number of export bearing life. Therefore, pay attention to the bearing low scores.
Millions, the best being opened when the bearing housing, cylindrical roller high precision ball bearings review Moreover current review seals. Review the situation near the bearing seals to ensure that they can prevent heat solid, solid or gaseous erosion along the axle penetrate bearings, seals, if worn, it should be replaced as soon as possible.
Bearings are smooth range in order to run the task. If the bearing to lose excellent smooth, accurate barrier Moreover groceries and eczema, that seals Bian deserve no wear.
To prevent cylindrical roller bearings are running process emerged destroyed facility downtime incurred to form lost. Thus, the response bearings run monitoring tasks.
In order to prevent the emergence of scars are bearing device, unless you are in the process of assembling equipment or the use of appropriate machinery, but also for the prevention of the use of punch strikes, load bearing, and moreover also pay attention to each other centering device when being.
Bearing unit is in the process of secondary reason is the emergence of scars: Bearings are devices emerge when assembling the inner and outer rings skew; or perhaps the process of being assembled device and load the emergence of strikes, eventually forming cylindrical roller bearings emerge scars.
1, to keep their surroundings clean bearings;
2, when used carefully, careless to bearing a strong impact, would appear bearing scars, indentation, fracture and other injuries if used;
3. Use the right tools;
4, note bearing rust, avoid use in damp places, and not to sweat stained, should wear gloves;
5, the user should be familiar with the bearing;
6, to develop a job specification linear motion bearings used;
7, bearing in custody;
8, the bearing and the periphery of the cleaning;
9, and the processing quality inspection dimensions mounting portion;
10, the installation work;
11, check after installation;
12, demolition work;
13, maintenance (periodic inspection);
14, lubricant supplement.

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