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wheel bearing problem
wheel bearing problem
2014-10-17 by seoerccy
1,equipped with ABS wheel hub bearing magnetic thrust ring, thrust ring mounted in order to determine which side, you can use a small light near the edge of something * bearings, magnetic bearings will be attracted by it generated. When installing a magnetic thrust will take the side of the ring pointing inside, is on the ABS sensor. Note: Incorrect installation may lead to functional brake system failure.
2, many of the bearings are sealed, this type of radar bearing is not needed throughout the life of the grease increases. Other non-sealed bearings such as double row tapered roller bearings in the installation must be added grease. Because different lumen marine crane bearing size of the bearing, it is difficult to determine how much of the added fat, the most important thing is to ensure that the grease bearing if too much fat, when the bearing is rotating, the excess oil will bleed. General Experience: During installation, the total amount of oil to account for 50% of the bearing clearance.
3, install the lock nut due to the different types of bearings and bearing housings, the size difference between the torque is great. Note reference to the relevant instructions.

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