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Is there a hybrid ring bearings
Is there a hybrid ring bearings
2014-09-18 by seoerccy
Left hand holding the bearing sleeve body, right hand toggle coat a small margin to rotate back and forth, listening to the radar bearings during operation if there is mixed response. Most counterfeit products due to production conditions slim ball bearing of backwardness, completely hand-mill operation, bearing the body in the production process will inevitably be braced with dust, sand a class of impurities, so that the rotation of the bearing ring or when there will be hybrid phenomenon does not run smoothly . This is to determine whether a product comes from a strict production standards, and the key with the regular operation of the machine manufacturer's brand products.

Are there traces of oil muddy surface
Are there traces of oil muddy surface which requires that we should pay special attention to when buying imported bearings. Very easy to leave a thick oil stains Because there is a certain gap between domestic and foreign advanced technology of rust country of manufacture, so the bearing body rust treatment, feeling sticky sticky thick hand contact when, Excavator slewing bearing while foreign original on imported bearings hardly see any signs of rust oil. According to insiders, particularly observant person can smell the bearings into a special flavor, which is anti-rust oil taste.

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