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radar bearings Installation
radar bearings Installation
2014-08-23 by seoerccy
Install full complement needle roller bearings are usually carried out using an auxiliary sleeve. At this time, the auxiliary roll or auxiliary lift needle sleeve so that the needle does not fall out, with its own journal chamfered wind power bearing off the needle, with the needle bearing in the journal slowly moving to the inside, the auxiliary roll or auxiliary sleeve will slowly withdraw until loaded into working position.

Auxiliary roller, the auxiliary sleeve is smaller in diameter than the shaft outside diameter 0.1-0.3mm. When installed, the first bearing outer ring surface coated with grease, surface abutting put the needle stick (a needle into the final should be a gap), then put in place of the journal or auxiliary roller bearing inner ring or auxiliary sleeve is pushed into the outer hole and make the end face of the shaft surface alignment or installation has been installed in the end face of the shaft radar bearing inner ring, then press or hammer hand pressure.
needle roller bearings also can be installed and will be coated with a thin layer of the outer diameter of the auxiliary sleeve lubricant, set into Single row crossed roller slewing bearing the bearing outer ring, the auxiliary bearing outer sleeve and form a circular hole, and then installed with needle holes in the ring. After Bahrain needle, will assist with the work of the shaft sleeve launch can be.

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