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Three-row roller wheel bearings
Three-row roller wheel bearings
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Three-row roller wheel bearings have three races, up and down and radial raceways each separately, so that each row roller load can be determined exactly. Be able to withstand a variety of loads, is four products in one of the largest carrying capacity, axial and radial dimensions are large, solid structure, especially for applications Double Row Ball slewing bearing that require larger diameter heavy machinery, such as bucket wheel excavators, wheel cranes, marine cranes, port cranes, steel operating units and large-tonnage truck cranes and other machinery.
Light Series wheel bearings
Light slewing
Lightweight wheel bearings slewing ring has the same general structure, light weight, flexible rotation. Widely used in food machinery, precision spindle bearings filling machinery, environmental protection machinery and other fields.
HS Series wheel bearings
Single-row four point contact ball bearing turntable composed by two races, compact and circular raceway ball four point contact. Mainly used truck cranes, tower cranes, excavators, hammers, engineering vehicles, radar scanning equipment to withstand the overturning moment, vertical axial force, the level of mechanical inclination force.
HJ Series wheel bearings
Single row cross roller wheel bearings, single direction thrust ball bearing composed by two seat, compact structure, high manufacturing precision, small assembly space for installation high precision roller 1: a cross arrangement, can withstand the axial force, dumping turning torque and greater radial force, which is widely on transport, engineering machinery and military products are used.

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