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How to prevent rusting iron roll
How to prevent rusting iron roll
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings
First, the skin between the roller and the temperature and humidity must be tertiary qualified members. Second, one must put the iron roller surface with air, water and corrosion products separately, it should be coated with a thin layer of protective film on the surface of the iron rollers to achieve. According to this logic we used local materials, which uses leather roller coating, the ratio is 1: 2, with a complete roll coating method, and heated 24 hours to rotate on cars. But the old iron roll rust before applying must purify using the above method, and metal surface cleaning agent, 24 hours after a heated dry, you can paint using a roll coating method.
After iron paint roller after more than a slight decline in the quality of yarn, which is really what we want. The reason I think is an iron roller after coating, protective film it generates can be static, that reduce the accumulation of flowers hair, but also to increase the friction apron, apron slip to reduce iron roll left and beat Dayton . So get a uniform sliver control and drawing, yarn quality also improved.

Roller triple row roller slewing bearing iron rust easy and efficient method, combined with the size of the flat car just to finish, human and material resources is also smaller. If sanding paint roller handle iron once, not only to extend the life of the iron roll, but also up to a certain effect on product quality. This is obtained in one fell swoop two methods.

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