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wheel metallurgical bearing more sensitive
wheel metallurgical bearing more sensitive
2014-10-17 by seoerccy
1, wheel bearing more sensitive, in any case need to adopt the right approach and the right tools. In storage and during installation, the bearing parts can not be damaged. Requires a large number of bearings pressed into the pressure, so the need of special tools. Be sure to reference vehicle manufacturers instructions.
2, the installation of the bearing should clean environment, small particles from entering the bearing will shorten bearing life. When replacing bearings to maintain a clean environment is very important. Allowed to tap with a hammer bearing note precision spindle bearings bearing not fall to the ground (or similar improper handling). Before installing the shaft and the bearing housing should also check the condition of even a small amount of wear can also lead to poor fit, thereby causing early failure of the bearing.
3, on the wheel hub bearing unit, do not attempt to disassemble or adjust the wheel hub bearing seals unit, otherwise it would cause water damage to seals or dust from entering. Even ring and inner ring raceway are damaged, resulting in permanent failure of the bearing.
4, the ring is equipped with ABS unit has a magnetic thrust bearing ring, which thrust ring can not be a collision, impact or collision with other magnetic field. Remove from the box before installation, so that they stay away from magnetic fields, such as the use of electric motors or electric tools. When installing these bearings, the road test by observing the dashboard ABS alarm pin to change the bearing operation.

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