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Notes miniature bearings heating metallurgical
Notes miniature bearings heating metallurgical
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1, the yoke is placed on the end face of the host.

2, insert the plug into a power outlet with a control switch on.
3, check the ground wire is good, after power with pencil tests.
4, press the start button, the host power.
5, check the yoke on the ground should be no voltage.
6, press the stop button hosts off, stop heating.
7, depending on the size of miniature bearings or other parts, choose a different yoke put, this yoke on the top surface of the host, should fit flat.
8, when heated Miniature Bearings, double row ball slewing bearing sensors should be inserted into the "sensor socket" and the sensor close to the workpiece is heated.
Solution seven miniature bearings overheating when
Miniature bearings fever due to various reasons, it is addressed in different ways, the following are workarounds for miniature bearings overheating when:
1, filling fat law, the so-called law is filled grease to the bearing surface regularly fill the right amount of grease, is one of the most commonly used grease lubrication.
2, oil cup, oil cup is set Capping Oil oily cup cup or pressure in the metallurgical bearing housing, regularly rotating the cap gun grease or oil injection. This is also a common grease lubrication.
3, the pressure for fat France, France is relying on pressure grease for grease pump for grease. You should choose good mobility grease.
4, centralized method for fat, centralized method for grease through grease pump, while the various deep groove ball bearings and other parts for fat. Similarly, when the grease should be used in mobile offerings and good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance of the grease, but also a pressure for grease method.

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