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Skateboard Bearing Cleaning
Skateboard Bearing Cleaning
2014-09-22 by seoerccy
Skateboard bearings unlike those yo-yo as precise, because there are eight and four in lock bearing a plate above, for bearing the best eight are replaced, regardless of which axis before ringing off the hook, it is necessary to do so.
Skateboard bearings cleaning is very simple, get the bearing from the board down with a paper towel to grease the bearings, wipe the stain, wipe triple row roller slewing bearing the wheels inner wall also will change around the front and rear wheel bearings are smooth and look good. Probably every time, the use of high temperatures generated during rotation of the bearing plate, rubber wheels and bearings will close with a week to clean the walls, causing the wheel to change or replace the bearing so often inconvenient when removing the wheel bearing in accord, to avoid trouble can simultaneously clean the bearings.

Bearing oil
Remember to clean the oil, a wide range of oil, edible oil all OK, but it was said to buy back the bearing first soaked in gasoline in the week, so it is a waste of gasoline, buy back, after a week cleaning of use when the oil does not matter, bought back the bearing lubricant to prevent bearing rusty oil stored in the oil with the board when you can send bearing, clean the first time when oil cleared on oils, these oils do not play lubrication, simply can not be heated like a cylinder of liquid only take effect the same amount, only to prevent rust, but is often difficult with the plate bearing rust.

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