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metallurgical roller bearings Comparison
metallurgical roller bearings Comparison
2014-08-23 by seoerccy
1. Rolling coefficient of friction than plain bearings, high transmission efficiency. The friction coefficient is generally 0.08-0.12 sliding bearings, rolling bearing and the friction coefficient is only 0.001 to 0.005;

2. Rolling has Full complement cylindrical roller bearings achieved standardization, serialization, universal, suitable for mass production and supply, use and metallurgical bearings is very convenient;
3. Rolling bearing steel, and after heat treatment, and therefore, only the rolling bearing having a high mechanical performance and long service life, and can be used to save manufacturing sliding bearings
The price is more expensive non-ferrous metals;
4. Internal bearing clearance is small, high precision of the parts, and therefore higher running accuracy. At the same time, can increase the rigidity of the bearing pre-load by the method. This precision machinery is very thin wall bearings important;
5. Some of rolling bearings can support radial load and axial load, so you can simplify the bearing support structure;
6. Due to the high rolling bearing transmission efficiency, less heat, so you can reduce oil consumption, lubrication maintenance relatively easy;
7. Rolling can be easily applied to any spatial orientation of uranium.

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