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Common method to identify the quality of imported bearings
Common method to identify the quality of imported bearings
2014-12-12 by lyhybearings

The packaging is clear: Under normal circumstances, are factory brand has its own dedicated designers external packaging design, production conditions and arrangements for clearance of the factory production of production, and therefore in terms of packaging lines to color are very clear and unambiguous on some imported brands of accessories as well as specialized packaging to protect their intellectual property unique design.
Seal word is clear: in the miniature linear bearings body will be printed with the word brand, label and so on. Font is very small, but most are factory produced using Seal technology, but without the heat treatment prior to the conduct embossing, so the font may be small, but a deep concave, very clear. The counterfeit products not only fuzzy fonts, due to printing technology rough, font floating on the surface, some of them can be easily wiped off by hand.
Is there a hybrid ring: left hand holding the bearing sleeve body, right hand to rotate toggle coat, listen to whether hybrid ring. Because most of the counterfeit products production conditions behind, completely hand-workshop-style operations in the production process will inevitably be mixed into the sand of a class of impurities, hidden in the agricultural bearings body, so the rotation will be issued hybrid ring. This is strictly enforced and between production standards, and with the operation of the machine are factory brand the biggest difference.
Are there muddy surface traces of oil: It should pay particular attention to when buying imported bearings. It is easy to leave the country due to the current anti-rust when technology is not particularly home, so bearing body rust treatment thick traces of oil, in our hands sticky sticky thick, while on foreign imported bearings almost invisible the traces of anti-rust oil, experts say it touches particularly attentive bearing smells kind of taste, certainly under the anti-rust oil, but do not see it.
Chamfering is uniform: the handpiece bearing chamfer, which is the junction of the transverse plane and the vertical plane, bearing counterfeit production technology due to restrictions in parts of the corners of the handle was unsatisfactory.

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