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Control points inverter control system bearing
Control points inverter control system bearing
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Drag the control bridge crane systems include: carts left and right line and speed profile; former car, underwent and speed profile; hook up, down and speed gear and so on. These can be controlled by non-contact drive programmable controller handpiece bearing.

Bridge crane control system needs attention is the control on the prevention of slip hook, and instantly hugged before the electromagnetic brake self aligning roller bearings and release after heavy stop state of decline due to produce a hook slide prone.
(1) stopped lifting weights control points
By setting the stop start frequency, and maintenance time (should be greater than the brake solenoid brake time 0.6s), when the operating frequency of the inverter drops to the inverter output a "frequency arrival signal", issued brake solenoid iron off instruction, this time to maintain, then the inverter operating frequency to 0.
(2) lifting heavy lifting control points
Setting "lift the starting frequency and the" detection current time, when the drive reaches the same time, the drive starts to detect current, confirm current large enough to release the instructions issued to offset the decline in the torque generated by the torque, the brake solenoid start release the brake power, should be greater than the solenoid release time.
(3) Automatic torque boost setting
During commissioning suitably increase frequency voltage can improve low-frequency characteristics, improve starting torque; increase zero-frequency dc voltage can be increased excitation intensity, you can keep the motor torque is large enough to stacker-reclaimer bearing prevent slip hook.
(4) The function of the transmission mechanism of the inverter parameter settings
Transformation of each transmission overhead crane used SAJ series inverter.
After running the transformation from the point of view, the effect is very obvious. The main results are as follows:
Motor operation switching devices to achieve a non-contact technology, has a semi-permanent life;

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