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Axial bearing
Axial bearing
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Bearing selection issues to consider
In the choice of the general bearing support to those problems? You can try the following four steps to consider:
How to define the axis position, including radial and axial position is the first thing to consider. General axis adopts double support thin wall bearings structure, the radial position of the shaft joint is defined by the two support, centripetal or angular contact bearing supports radial location of each Ying Youqi effect. Axial displacement axial displacement axial position may be composed of two supporting the limit in one direction can be limited in two directions by a bearing, in general, the axial positioning in different ways can get different running accuracy. Therefore, the design of supporting structure should be based on the axis of the operation accuracy and working conditions, practical scheme of axial positioning.
At the same time bear radial load and axial load case, supporting often use mounting angular contact bearings and tapered roller bearings are. Angular Excavator slewing bearing contact bearings installed in pairs arranged in one of three ways. Two bearing outer ring width end relative installation called back-to-back mounting method. The two support force on bearing span beyond. This arrangement for supporting span large, good steel shaft cantilever, axial thermal elongation, the outer ring is disengaged from the inner trend, so the shaft without jamming, so widely used. But if the pre installed in the shaft when heated, pre tension will be reduced. Two bearing outer ring narrow end relative installation called face to face mounting. The force point two support falls on the supporting span. This arrangement has the advantages of simple structure, installation, debugging convenient and therefore are more widely used, mainly for short axis and the temperature rise is not high, but it should be noted that we must have a spare clearance. The axial clearance also shoulds not be too big, will reduce the running accuracy of the shaft. When the axial load is larger, the need for multiple bearings and bearing, the bearing outer ring width is often used, narrow face relative installation series. Effect of the bearing force are located on the same side of the bearing are arranged in the same direction is also called series. The arrangement of this to the Other bearing attention of the structure and manufacture to ensure each bearing can be as much as possible uniform load.
The machine is in operation, the general spindle or drive shaft temperature higher than the adjacent parts of the temperature, so the shaft will heat up elongation. In order to keep the shaft to rotate flexibly, in supporting structure design, while meeting the axial positioning accuracy requirements, but also consider the axial heat free expansion requirements. Axial positioning and axial expansion way is the corresponding.
Adjustment of the bearing clearance is to control the running accuracy of the shaft. The axial position adjusting shaft is in order to meet the specific requirements of some of the gear transmission. For example: in the worm, worm axis must fall in the middle plane worm gear to ensure the correct engagement, so the worm shaft can adjust its position in the axial direction. The bevel gear drive, pitch cone cone vertex two bevel gear must coincide, which required two bevel gear shaft can be axially adjusted.

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