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The effect of heat treatment applications bearing technology
The effect of heat treatment applications bearing technology
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings
(1) expand the scope of application of GCr15 steel, GCr15 steel M rings generally effective thickness of 12mm or less quenching, but due to the strong nitrate BL quenching cooling capacity, the use of a stirring string action, water and other measures, the ferrule effective wall thickness can be expanded to about 28 mm.
(2) hardness stability, good uniformity
Because BL change is a slow process, usually GCr15 steel demand 4h, GCr18Mo steel demand 5h, nitrate in the ring in a long isothermal, organizational change core part surface almost simultaneously, so the hardness stability, uniformity, general GCr15 steel BL after quenching hardness 59 ~ 61HRC, uniformity ≤1 HRC, unlike when the wall thickness is slightly larger quench rings appeared low hardness, soft spots, and poor uniformity.
(3) reduce quenching, grinding cracks
In the railway, rolling metric bearing production, due to the ring size, heavy weight, when oil quenching M tissue brittleness, is to obtain a high hardness after quenching cooling often take strong measures, resulting in quenching microcracks; while BL quenching, due to BL organization toughness better than M organization, while up to -400 ~ -500MPa surface compressive stress, which greatly reduces the tendency of quenching cracks; when grinding surface grinding stress offset some of the stress, and the overall stress level fall, greatly reducing the grinding cracks.
Increase (4) bearing life
For withstand large impact loads railway, rolling bearings, mainly lapse after quenching using the form M: when assembling sets of cracks within the process of using the outer wall by the impact off the block, inner fragmentation, while crossed roller bearings Austempering due to the impact toughness, surface stress, regardless of the assembly when the inner sleeve cracking, or the use of the process off the block wall jacket, inner sleeve fragmentation tendency greatly reduced, and can reduce the stress concentration roller edge. Therefore, after quenching temperature, etc. higher than the average life expectancy and reliability M after quenching.

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