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Features wheel bearings
Features wheel bearings
2014-10-08 by seoerccy
1 good corrosion resistance, temperature and concentration in a certain range of corrosive media and the ability of various organic media

(2) high mechanical strength, high toughness cut to keep at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 ℃)
3 good self-lubricating properties, high abrasion resistance
4 strong anti-adhesion ability
5 very low water absorption, excellent slim ball bearing electrical insulation properties
6 good resistance to high energy radiation performance
Main purpose:
Mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture, and decorating materials
PTFE high-temperature corrosion-resistant plastic bearings
PTFE and PI as a new engineering plastic materials, proved to be all known engineering plastics in good mechanical strength, dimensional stability and high temperature performance
Which PTFE long-term use temperature of 260 ℃, PI long-term use temperature is as high as 300 ℃, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, acid corrosion in moderate-intensity environment can still operate freely, it is generally necessary for the production outside PTFE ring material selection or PI, the ball is generally Zro2 or Si3N4 ceramic balls. In comparison operation in harsh environments precision bearings, the drawback is relatively expensive because the material itself, so the higher cost
In recent years, with its excellent performance engineering plastic products get more and more widely used. Engineering plastics and has broad application prospects in the bearings, plastic bearings are being more and more users.
Because of engineering plastics with four point contact ball slewing bearing excellent self-lubricating, wear-resistant, low friction, and special seizure resistance and other characteristics, can work even in case of poor lubrication conditions, and thus used as a bearing material is ideal.
So right about the plastics businesses, seize market opportunities related to the development of plastic bearing products, its market prospects are very huge.

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