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bearings products
bearings products
2014-09-22 by seoerccy
One, P117 series thrust bearing low cost, strength, wear resistance in general, suitable for a variety of submersible pump thrust bearing.
Two, COP series thrust axis low cost, suitable for small, low power lift submersible pump thrust bearing (thrust bearing outside diameter of 85mm or more, power 11km lift 65m below)
Three, PTFE series thrust bearing moderate cost, is the mainstream product submersible pumps used in Praise submersible pumps suitable for the next thrust bearing.
Four, S299 high strength thrust bearing double row ball slewing bearing higher costs, suitable for high-power high head submersible pump under the thrust bearing.
Five, S299B high strength and thrust bearings
Six, S299G high wear-resistant high-voltage current high-tech products
Seven, M120H Series graphite sintered bearing (sintered graphite impregnated with epoxy resin) low cost, suitable for all kinds of Submersible Pump 18.5KW following guide bearings.
Eight, M120B series graphite sintered bearing (sintered graphite impregnated babbitt) higher costs, 18.5KW various submersible pump above the guide bearings and a variety of high-power, high-head submersible pump thrust bearing.
Nine, M102B higher (asbestos iron) cost more than submersible pumps suitable for 18.5KW guide bearings.

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