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ferris wheel bearings
ferris wheel bearings
2014-09-11 by seoerccy
Spherical roller bearings under the roller-sectional shape into symmetrical spherical roller and spherical roller asymmetric shape of two different structures, asymmetric spherical roller bearings are early products, the key is ship loader bearing for the host service, new design when the host is rarely chosen symmetrical spherical roller bearings, internal structure has been completely improved design and parameter optimization, and early-aligning roller bearings produced compared to withstand greater axial loads, these bearings run lower temperature, it can be adapted to the requirements of high speed, according to the inner wall and used with or without a cage characteristics can be divided into two kinds of type C and CA, C-type bearing is no inner wall and the use of steel stamping cage, CA type bearing characteristics compared to both sides of the inner wall and the use of the car solid cage in order to improve the bearing lubrication, can provide users with an outer annular groove and three hole aligning roller bearings, with ferris wheel bearing post code / W33 said, can also be supplied with inner hole aligning roller bearings based on user requirements, in order to facilitate customer handling and replacement of bearings, but also provide the hole aligning tapered roller bearings, tapered bore, taper 1:12 later code-named K said that in order to rolling mill bearing meet specific user requirements are also available within 1:30 taper bearings, then set code for K30 tapered bore bearing locknuts are available directly mounted on the bearing cone journal, it can draw an adapter sleeve or withdrawal sleeve mounted on a cylindrical bearing journal. To ensure that the bearing at high speed centrifugal action to prevent harmful slip between the raceway and roller,

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